As this complicated situation continues to evolve, we wanted you to be aware of what is going on at OPG.  First and foremost is our commitment to provide a safe and secure environment for your children and our staff. To that end we are asking that you familiarize yourself with our current recommendations.

Testing for Coronavirus

Currently testing is limited and directed toward high risk adults and children with special health needs.  If you have had contact with a known positive Covid19 case or have fever > 100.4 and cough we will help determine if testing is warranted.  Remember most cases, especially in children are seIf limited (you recover with rest at home!).  

Sick visits

*If your child has a fever, cough, cold and:

  • Has traveled outside the United States in the last 14 days
  • Has traveled to a high risk Covid19 area
  • Has been in contact with a known positive case 

Please call and inform our staff before coming to the clinic.  If you are to be seen we will ask you to remain in your car to be evaluated.

*If your child has a fever, cough, cold and you answer NO to all the questions above and you are to be seen you may wait to be called in your car or we will ask your child to wear a mask in the waiting room.

Our rooms are extensively cleaned between each sick visit!

Well visits

Well visits will continue for essential checkups only for the next 2 weeks (if vaccines required you keep your appointment), otherwise we would like to reschedule your appointment.

We do ask that if your child is extremely premature or has complex heart disease or any other complicated medical issues and a well child appointment in the next 30 days that you alert your Primary care provider and we will discuss if postponing is appropriate.


AAP: (great resource for keeping your family safe and informed)

Mississippi Department of Health:

Center for Disease Control: