Any payment that is patient responsibility is due at time of service. This includes deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance as required by your insurance policy. If you have specific questions about your family’s account or need to set up a payment plan our billing manager will be happy to speak with you. Please email Pam with any questions you may have.


Oxford Pediatric Group, PLLC is contracted directly with several insurance companies to provide services to their members. We are not in network with all insurance companies but will file claims to all companies. Although we make every effort to understand each policy and assist patients with insurance questions, please remember that you are ultimately responsible for payment of your medical bills, whether or not you have insurance. If you are not sure whether we are in network with your plan, please call the number on the back of your insurance card to verify.

In an effort to care for patients and file insurance claims promptly and correctly, a copy of the patient’s current insurance card(s) must be filed in each patient’s chart. Effective immediately, please be prepared to present your child’s current insurance card(s) at every appointment. If you are not able to present the insurance card at check-in, please be prepared to pay in full for the visit at check-out. Once you are able to present the current insurance card, we will file the insurance claim. You will then be given a credit or reimbursement after the insurance company has finished processing all payment to our clinic. If your insurance company has not issued a card to you, please contact them or print an online version of the card. Because we must have a hard copy of each card on file, a cell phone or online image of the card is not acceptable. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we work to ensure that we have an insurance card in every patient’s file. Please remember that, as always, payment is due at time of service. This means that any co-payments, deductibles, and co-insurance are to be paid at check-out. When you have someone bring your child to an appointment for you (a sitter, grandparent, neighbor, etc.) please make sure to send payment with them to the appointment. Or, you may contact our office in advance of the appointment with debit/credit card information and we can charge the card upon checkout. If you have questions concerning insurance or payment, please feel free to call our clinic and speak to a receptionist or leave a message with our billing manager. It is a pleasure to care for each and every one of your children at Oxford Pediatric Group, PLLC.


If your child’s account reflects an overpayment due to a payment by your insurance carrier or patient, we will credit your child’s account.


If for any reason there is a credit balance on your account, we will apply the credit to your child’s next appointment, as appropriate.