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“As a first time mom, nursing was always a mystery to me, and to be honest, very intimidating. Everyone would ask me if I planned on breastfeeding and my reply was always, “I hope to, but I just have no idea if it’ll work or if my baby will want to.” Thanks to God’s design, my body worked and my baby wanted to nurse…..Thanks to Katie Wiygul at OPG lactation services, I had the support, education, and encouragement to put the pieces together to make nursing a positive and successful experience! Katie made me feel so comfortable and at ease. She spent plenty of time explaining what was and wasn’t normal and what to expect. She patiently answered my long list of questions and has remained available for me to email more as they come! The best advice she gave me was assuring me that not every nursing session would be perfect. This has brought me comfort many times when a feeding seemed “off” compared to others in the day. As we celebrate our little guy’s one month birthday, it’s obvious nursing is working! Our little premie has quickly grown into newborn clothes and will be a chunker in no time!” ~ Cooper’s Mom
“Our lactation consultant Katie Wiygul has been an invaluable member of our circle of breastfeeding support since our son’s first week of life. She is very knowledgeable (with both personal and clinical experience), easy to relate to, and quick to reply to questions. Katie has shared practical advice and directed us to some really helpful resources to use at home as well. As first time parents, we have gained so much peace of mind by taking the guesswork out of our breastfeeding journey, thanks to her. We would recommend every new mother to meet with her at least once to encourage success with the feeding plan that is best for her and her baby!” ~ Jack’s mom

“As a first time mother, I had natural concerns that my son may not be getting adequate nutrients or latching correctly. Katie understood my concerns and was kind and gentle with suggestions, corrections, and encouragement. She paid attention to detail by weighing my son before and after feeding during our appointment and was able to show the ounces he gained.

I am thankful the pediatricians office provides a lactation specialist on staff that communicates directly with the doctors as well as with me. I find this very comforting and reassuring.

Thank you for caring about mothers and their young ones.” ~ Elijah’s Mom