Frequently Asked Questions

How do I refill a prescription?

If your child has a prescription for a controlled substance that cannot be called in to a pharmacy, you must call your doctor's nurse to request the refill 48 hours before you plan to pick it up.  It is best to learn which day your doctor and nurse take off each week so that your prescription is ready when you arrive.  If you call on a day that your doctor or nurse are not in the office we will not be able to fill the prescription.   

I left a message with the nurse.  Will she call me back? How long will it take?

Most of the time when you call our office you will leave a message for your nurse.  This is because the nurses are usually assisting the doctor or on another line.  We ask that you leave a message with as much detail as possible and your contact information.  This allows the nurse to check your message and consult with the doctor before she calls you back.  Our nurses return their phone calls as soon as possible, but the call back time will vary depending on the patient load on a given day.  If your message is regarding your child's illness you will receive a return call no later than the end of the day.  If your phone call is not regarding an urgent matter it might be the next day before your call is returned.  All questions about scheduling, records, physical forms or billing can be answered by someone in our front office.  

Do I choose one doctor?

Yes, most families pick one doctor as their primary pediatrician.  This allows for continuity of care for your child, especially with well-child visits.  However, if your child needs to be seen for a sick visit when their doctor is out of the office or unavailable, one of our other doctors or nurse practitioners will be happy to see your child.  As a result, most families eventually meet all of our providers.   At night and on weekends, our doctors share call with the other pediatric practices in Oxford.  

Who will see my child in the hospital when they are born or when they are sick? 

Our doctors share hospital call with the other pediatric practices in Oxford.  The doctor on call will see newborn babies delivered at Baptist Memorial Hospital in Oxford, MS every morning.  Infants and children with an illness requiring hospitalization are admitted to Baptist Memorial Hospital in Oxford, MS and their doctor will see them there. 

can the nurse practitioner see my child for a well child check-up?

Absolutely! Our nurse practitioners provide check-ups when your doctor is not available to do so, but the next visit will be scheduled with your doctor if possible. The nurse practitioners can also prescribe medications and refer patients to specialists as needed.  A doctor will always be on site when the nurse practitioners are seeing patients.